Aeration Energy Audits (AEA)

If you would like to understand how efficient your plant is, and what energy efficient measures can offer the best return on investment, VorTech can on request perform an aeration energy audit (AEA) at your facility. During the audit the existing infrastructure and treatment processes are assessed to evaluate a number of key performance metrics. The final report issued to the client will advise on the next best actions increase your facilities efficiency.

The AEA takes one to two days and includes some or all of the following activity:

  • Energy baseline analysis
  • Steady state and non-steady state oxygen transfer testing
  • Oxygen uptake rate determination
  • Aeration off-gas analysis
  • Dynamic alpha factor monitoring
  • In-situ aeration efficiency assessments 
  • Real time monitoring of aeration KPIs
  • Contextual and comparable KPIs of overall system performance (e.g. energy consumption per kg BOD5 (or NH4) removed or per m3 treated)
  • Reactive power assessment and power factor correction
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Aeration process optimisation

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