Bridging the gap between hydraulics, aeration, energy and aquaculture practice

Aquaculture is central to providing opportunities to increase food security to serve a growing population estimated to reach nine billion by 2050. It currently accounts for circa 50% of the worlds fish consumed globally. Growth in this sector has been significant, with a 12 fold increase over the past 30 years. Similar growth trends are projected into the future.

Along with the significant opportunity expected from this sector, aquaculture farmers are now faced with the challenge of increasing the throughput of existing facilities to handle more product. This requires higher flow capacities, higher oxygen transfer rates and higher energy efficiency.

The VorTech VPA technology addresses these needs directly by pumping twice the amount of flow for same the power as older outdated pumping systems while simultaneously aerating, degassing and mixing the pumped water. This is ideal in applications such as recirculating aquaculture systems by achieving three tasks (gas scrubbing, oxygen transfer and circulation) at once, all at a considerably lower power input.