Industrial Wastewater

VorTech helps industrial treatment plant operators to do more with less.

Wastewater is generated in several industries, among them Meat, Dairy, Distillery, Brewing, Soft Drinks, Pulp & Paper, Pharma, Chemicals, Steel, Mining, Petroleum and Biofuels. With populations steadily rising, the demand for products in these sectors will continue to grow, calling for more water in the process to be treated and discharged.

VorTech’s products and solutions will help the industrial plant operator to boost the bottom line by doing more with less. With a more efficient aeration process, it is possible to achieve a higher throughput at a lower operational cost.

VorTech’s VPA anoxic mixing capability also enables both nitrification and denitrification to be carried out in one tank, negating the need for an additional anoxic tank and of course the accompanying costs of pumping, mixing and maintenance. Doing more, with less, in a smaller footprint.

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