VorTech understand the importance of mixing in your process

Mixing is an important aspect in several parts of the treatment process such as:

  • Contact tanks
  • Balance Tanks
  • Aeration tanks
  • Pre- and Post-Denitrification tanks,
  • Sludge holding tanks

In activated sludge treatment, it is essential to provide sufficient interaction between the biomass and wastewater during activated sludge treatment in order to degrade certain contaminants. In other sectors, mixing is required to blend water and chemicals for various treatment processes. Often, mixing is simply required to prevent solids settlement on the tank floor.

With extensive expertise in fluid dynamics, VorTech understand the challenge of providing efficient mixing and can provide a number of solutions. For example, many treatment plants will have scenarios where treatment of waste without the introduction of oxygen is required, for example in denitrification. In this process, Anoxic bacteria act upon waste in the absence of oxygen to degrade certain contaminants. In conventional cases, additional equipment is required to undertake mixing when the aerator is turned off. In other cases, a separate facility for denitrification with separate mixing equipment is required which increases the plants footprint.

With the VPA technology, there is a feature available which allows the plant to automatically switch between aeration and water only circulation allowing nitrification and denitrification to be carried out in one tank. As well as reducing energy costs, this can reduce the costs of capital outlay for additional equipment and tanks which also reduces the footprint of the facility.

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) services provided by VorTech can also provide treatment plant operators with insights on the performance of there existing mixing process (i.e. energy densities, turbulence, shear stresses and dead spot locations) to confidently advise on the next steps for an remediation. VorTech can also specify, size and supply subsurface mixers to any process that require these solutions.

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