Municipal Wastewater

Working with municipalities to provide sustainable, low cost solutions for the next 20 to 30 years of operation

Wastewater is generated in municipalities as domestic wastewater and sewage and is often accompanied by significant storm water flows due to the presence of legacy combined sewer systems. As a result of general population behavior and large variations in rainfall, municipal wastewater treatment systems must have sufficient capacity to cater for the highly variable treatment demands.

Treatment plants and equipment generally have a 20 to 30 year lifespan. The last wave of builds and upgrades occurred in the 1970/1980s, primarily using surface aeration technology. There is now pressure on operators to become more sustainable by doing more with less; to reduce energy and undertake more treatment in a smaller footprint. At the same time, effluent water quality regulations are becoming more stringent with the list of emission limit value (ELV) parameters getting longer and longer. This perfect storm of events presents a significant challenge for the municipal sector.

VorTech works closely with municipalities to address these challenges. With aeration and mixing often forming a bottle neck for capacity increase, we can assess existing treatment plant aeration systems to baseline energy performance, efficiency and capacity to propose the next steps for increasing the sustainability of the plant.