Vortex Power Aeration

Vortex Power Aeration (VPA): A new twist in energy efficient upgrades

The patented Vortex Power Aerator (VPA), uses a novel cyclonic method of mixing air and water to massively reduce the energy intensity in aeration and mixing processes of wastewater treatment. Instead of relying on costly, high maintenance blowers to pump air, under 4 to 5m of water pressure at the bottom of the tank, the VPA instead lifts water to the surface of the tank where it is mixed with air in a cyclone requiring low pressure and power.

The benefits of the VPA are:

  • High Efficiency
  • Low Capex
  • Easily Installed or Retrofitted
  • Easily Controlled
  • No Noise or Splashing
  • Low Maintenance
  • No Additional Mixing Equipment

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